Melt Away Those Holiday Pounds

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We all do it.
Every year starting with Thanksgiving the overeating begins.
Then the next week we finish off the pumpkin pie and the other turkey day leftovers.
Usually the following week we start seeing goodies at the office.
Then the office parties start.
The pace just keeps picking up until finally we are into the New Year.
Whew, ten to fifteen pounds just landed in our bellies.
Our jeans and pants are all too tight.
So we check out the latest diet, jump on board and after a little torture we lose eight or nine of those extra pounds.
We wind up with two or three pounds that will not go away and ten years later we are twenty pounds over weight.
This year lose the weight the right way.
Melt off those holiday pounds, and then go after last years extra pounds, and then the pounds from the year before that.
Do not go on a diet.
They do not always work, and if they do work it is only for a short period of time.
Get yourself on a permanent weight loss program.
I did and I have never been happier or healthier.
For fifteen years Isabel De Los Rios, a nutrition and exercise specialist, studied and researched diets, weight loss programs and nutrition programs.
What she discovered is that the combination of foods that we consume is more important than the quantity of foods we eat.
She teaches us individually how to determine what our metabolism is, and then what foods to buy and eat.
Granted you cannot just gorge yourself with these foods, but at the same time these are foods that you will enjoy.
Isabel's weight loss program is the most detailed and comprehensive nutrition manual that is available today.
And in this program she has done all the hard work for you.
There are detailed steps that tell you how to put your action plan into place.
There are daily meal plans that make shopping and planning easy for you.
There are great recipes that you will make your mouth water.
And she sends out an email newsletter that comes with new recipes, program updates, and motivational articles to keep you on track.
The Quick Start Guide is the most popular and important part of the program.
This guide will get you losing weight right from the start, while you are learning and trying out the other features of the program.
Seeing results early is a big incentive to get the whole plan working for you.
This program is not another diet that will fail you in the end.
Nor is it a weight loss scheme that involves eating foods you do not like.
This plan is a way of life to lose those excess pounds and stay at your ideal weight.
Isn't it time you really took your weight and health seriously? Take a look at this plan and maybe next year at this time you will not be searching for weight loss articles.
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