Don"t follow the MLM "Herd" mentality!

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I did it all!I did everything my upline told me to do.
I had prospects on conference calls, 3 ways, and websites.
I asked for referrals, called people I didn't even know, I did it all.
You might even say it worked out decent.
Had my first 4 front line partners in my first month.
And what happened next?NOTHING.
Not an ounce of duplication.
Because people are not duplicatable, only systems are duplicatable, and if no one was willing to put in the work I did then nothing was going to happen.
This went on..
for months.
Pounding my head against the pavement, thinking "I know there is a better way.
" It's at this point I decided to deviate from the "herd" mentality.
I had always been told "this is how the professionals build the business, stick to it", but thank god I didn't.
I decided I would venture off into completely uncharted territory.
Bread crumb by bread crumb I was led to the internet.
And little by little as my eyes opened to the infinite networking power the internet had..
I knew this little machine held the secrets to the success I was looking for.
The point being..
I thought for myself.
I trusted my instincts and sought better ways to do things then the same ole stuff that has been taught in network marketing for 50 years.
I wonder if it's a coincidence 95% of all network marketers fail? I grew my organization into 5 different countries and across several US states in less then 3 months from the moment I went "live" on the internet.
Personally, I wouldn't even hypothesize doing network marketing if I had to go back to what it was like before I broke away from the herd.
Today, I enjoy only talking to people when they are interested in exactly what I have to offer.
No cold calls, no skeptical un interested people..
just people who stuck their hand up and said "I want more information".
Who knows what you might find if you break outside the herd mentality?But I know what 95% of the people don't find by staying in it.
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