The Best Way to Achieve Success in the New Year

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What is the best way to achieve success in the New Year? Before I answer that I am going to ask you another question.
What is the best way to ensure that you fail to achieve success in the upcoming New Year? The best way to be sure that you fail is to make a New Year's resolution, of course.
I am very adamant on the fact that making a New Year's resolution is setting yourself up for failure, plain and simple.
You can see proof of this every single year at gyms across the nation.
Starting around January 1st health clubs are jam-packed with people on treadmills like hamsters on a wheel.
So what happens after that? Slowly but surely, week after week starting about the beginning of February, the number trickles down.
Most people get themselves in over their head and just up and quit.
I'm sure this happens with any resolution that people set such as eating healthier, keeping a tighter budget or maybe even starting a business.
The point is that these resolutions are usually far out of reach and are hard to keep.
There are no steps to resolutions either.
All achievement must happen in steps.
Now back to the original question: what's the best way to achieve success in the New Year? The real key to achievement is to set goals; short, intermediate and long-term.
I truly believe that is there is something that you want to accomplish, you need to start now.
Starting now means setting goals, not waiting until the beginning of the year to make a resolution.
I don't even believe in the need to start on Monday either.
If you wake up today and want to make a change in your life then by all means start today.
Goals are the targets that you have set for yourself to hit.
You can call them intentions if you want but there is no difference in my opinion.
Goals are just a specific target that you have your sights set on and will do everything possible to hit.
What kind of goals should you set? Set goals that have a personal meaning to you, that you can measure in the form of progress and make you reach out of your comfort zone.
I believe you should set big goals because big goals equate to big results while small goals equate to small results.
Another thing that I believe in is revealing them to some of your closest friends and family.
This will make you feel a sense of commitment and hold you accountable.
This will also ensure that you have the support of someone in times of need, such as when you want to cheat on your diet while trying to lose weight.
Don't make the mistake of setting another New Year's resolution this year.
Make a change for the better and set big goals and you will achieve big results.
Make them personal, measurable and confide them in your support group and you will be well on your way to the best year ever!
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