Activities for Writing Clubs

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    • Writing is a solitary job.writer on the tracks image by Trevor Goodwin from

      At their best, writing clubs provide a forum for writers to give and receive praise and constructive criticism, and to network with other writers. This can lead to supportive relationships outside the group, even writing collaborations. The club leader can also invite professional writers or representatives from the publishing world to speak to the group. A good writing club can provide a break from what can be a lonely world.


    Writing Off the Cuff on Random Subjects

    • Ask the group to name 10 occupations and put these on the board. Ask them to name 10 places and 10 incidents; for example, missing a train. Add 10 additional random characters. Arrange these in a column. Ask the participants to choose one from each category and to spend 20 minutes writing a story on the combination they have chosen.

    Fiction Bridge

    • The leader of the club should say one word and write it on the board. Then, in turn each member can link it to a another word, making a fiction bridge between each new word. This can lead to a a range of interesting ideas for stories, which could be further developed by members at home.

    Well-Known Story

    • The leader can identify a well-known story, such as "Romeo and Juliet," or "Cinderella." The club members can be asked to write the story from the point of view of a minor character in the story.


    • Collaborate to produce an anthology or a piece of dramatic writing. Each member of the group could write a scene of a play, and the club leader, or one of the members could edit and produce the play. Taking a theme or festival, for example, Christmas, the club could hold a short story competition, and the best stories could be published together in an anthology.

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