Turning Your Passion Into Profits - Ponder, Process And Prosper

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"There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living from what you love, there is only scarcity of resolve to make it happen.
" --Wayne Dyer "The mistake people make in life is not making a living from what they love doing.
" --Forbes "Discover your purpose, decide, force yourself to do what you love and sooner or later, the money will follow.
When you discover, uncover and recover your passion, work becomes fun regardless of obstacles" --Uzo Onukwugha.
The key to happiness and fulfillment in life is the discovery of a major definite purpose.
Your purpose is tied to your pursuit, value, self-worth, personal direction and achievement.
Value is always maximized when purpose is discovered.
Either you are living your purpose or you are living off of your fears and insecurity.
Remember there are no securities; what you have is opportunities.
Building your life around your life dreams offers the best opportunity to maximize your talents and gifts.
That's how to benefit yourself and the world instead of blending with the crowd.
By definition, your passion is love in motion.
Your passion is a meshwork of your pass-time, hobby, inborn talents, experiences, special skill, failures, success, learning or training.
Don't be surprised that failures and bitter experiences are included in the definition of passion.
Experience is learning from your mistakes and wisdom is not repeating the same mistakes.
Yes, other people want to benefit from your wisdom and experience, too.
What we hear often is the success stories but you must know that failure is the back door to success.
By the way know that there is market or niche for every idea.
Yes, your riches are in your niches.
You just have to define, confine and find your niche.
It is called target marketing.
How do you then turn your passion into profit that can benefit you and others? Here are the four cardinal process you can use as a rough guide to turn your passion into profit: Passion-->Prospects-->Pre-sell-->Profits (monetization).
Start with your passion by providing quality content.
All of us are value shoppers to some extent.
"Don't try to be a man of success; be a man of value," says Albert Einstein.
Don't make the mistake of starting with money.
Nobody starts with the end-goal! You can package or repackage your passion in different format: ecourse, ebook, physical book, report, manuals, seminars, workshops, mentorship programs, home study courses.
Just to name a few especially if you are an information marketer.
Then quality content (value) will attract prospects or potential customers.
Initially, these are called suspects or browsers.
When your information solves the prospects problems or meets their goal or aspiration, they are pre-sold to you already.
This is how these people become your audience or subscribers to your idea or perspective on issues.
Potential customers are already pre-sold.
People buy into you before they buy your products.
In other words, you make friends before you make sales.
We know that people love to give their money to people they know, love and respect.
This is even more powerful when you position yourself as an expect--your unique selling proposition.
Always know the reason why people are coming to you.
Take a stand, it is a numbers game and there is no money in the middle.
Experts always make more money than generalists.
The last step in the beginning of the end of the sales process is monetization.
This is a fancy way of saying that the prospects who are already pre-sold in their minds have now become paying customers.
They have used their hard earned dollars to purchase your products, good or services.
Here, they are no longer browsers but customers.
Note that I called monetization the end of the beginning of the process because sales do not end when customers buy.
You must follow-up because there is the back-end and relationship must continue into the future.
This is the way to make more money and minimize refunds with great customer service.
The key is knowing how to build an ongoing relationship with your subscribers and customers.
Eventually all success is a product of relationships.
Your financial independence is dependent on other people.
This is how you leverage your training, time, talent and treasure.
This is how to turn your passion into profit.
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