4 Reasons Why Free Website Builders Suck

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It seems that everyone is an expert when it comes to web design and this belief allows people to save a few bucks, or so they think.
Although professional web designers charge outrageous prices in some cases, it isn't always the best choice to indulge in DIY web design as most business owners lack the time, patience, skill or artistic ability to create a high quality website.
You may initially think that solving the web design problem yourself will save you a fortune but when the traffic doesn't come or else you encounter a high bounce rate, you'll definitely think again.
This happens to an innumerable amount of businesses and instead of taking the opportunity to call in an expert; they try and fix it themselves.
The result is an even more ghastly looking website that is even less effective than before.
Swallow Your Pride It is important to remember that your website is akin to your store.
The first thing interested online consumers will do before making inquiries into your services is visit your website.
A low quality website causes them to assume that your company is also a low rent operation and they will take their business elsewhere.
This is the harsh reality so you should never be fully satisfied with web design and always look to improve it.
Saving a few dollars to begin with is not worth the amount of custom you will ultimately lose.
Forget about your pride and hire a professional for the sake of your business.
The Free Website Builder Conundrum Many of the top web builders such as Wix, Weebly and Yola offer a free account but in all honesty, you don't want any of these and here are some reasons why: • Free website builders don't allow you have to your own domain name.
Having yolasite.
com or a similar address really marks your company out as a cheapskate.
It is a sure sign that you skimped on your website and consumers want nothing to do with a company that's too cheap to create a proper website.
If you don't provide quality for your own website, how will you give consumers high quality services? • With the free accounts on web builders, you have a very scant selection of templates to choose from.
Therefore, you website ends up looking like 10,000 others.
• Free website builders only give you a fraction of their services.
You will be completely unable to create a uniquely designed website until you pay for a premium account.
• Free web builder accounts are for people with no idea how to design a website.
They may be easy to use but their limitations mean that a professional designer can do little or nothing with the website.
While there is no doubt that some small businesses can't afford to pay for a professional web designer, a free website builder is not the answer.
If you do enough research, you will find high quality web designers eager to provide you with a premium service.
Many designers offer flexible payment plans too so you don't have to pay everything up front.
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