Overcome Perfectionism - 5 Top Reasons Why It"s Good To Make A Mess

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The fear of making a mess or scribbling over the lines is something that haunts many of us who create, and holds us back from creating anywhere near our full potential.
So here are 5 great reasons why experimenting a little, and being prepared to make a mess once in while, is essential for your creative good health: 1.
You discover new ways of creating.
If you always create in the same way, follow the same safe old formula, you're always going to come up with the same results.
When you're prepared to make a mess, you try mixing up the tried and tested formula, and find new ways of creating that may even suit you better than the predictable formula you've been following for so long.
You can only discover these though when you let go of being perfect and safe and try new things.
You have more "happy accidents".
One of the greatest pleasures of creating with freedom is stumbling across happy accidents.
This is when you take a turn you think is a mistake, but it ends up actually being MORE interesting and exciting that what you were planning to do anyway.
The more you let go of the need to be perfect, the more happy accidents you have! 3.
You appreciate boundaries more.
By creating within fixed limits all the time, you don't really ever challenge your creativity.
When you're prepared to scribble over the lines a little, you appreciate those lines more.
For example, if you write spontaneous descriptive passages, then return and write a 3 line haiku, you'll encourage yourself to bring the same richness you found in the spontaneous writing back within the tightly defined boundaries of the haiku.
Your writing becomes richer and more potent as a result.
You become more confident in creating.
When you try something a little different and it gives you a result you didn't expect - something you never could have planned or found any other way - you're encouraged to try other new ways of creating.
Each new discovery gives you a little bit more confidence, and you prove that when you trust your creativity it can surprise and impress you.
Continue to experiment in the face of perfectionism and your confidence grows and grows.
You give yourself permission to be fully creative.
When you're caught up in perfectionism, your main focus is on getting it right.
So you play safe, you go with the predictable formula, and as time goes on, your creativity becomes more and more dulled and restricted.
Be prepared to make a mess though and your creativity comes to the fore, it's given permission to show you what it can really do.
You give your creativity the chance to be amazing! These are 5 of the best reasons to let go of perfectionism a little and start to create more freely and fearlessly.
What steps can you take towards making a mess today?
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