Building Your Website - More Niche Ideas

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When I talk about niches, I am talking about areas of interest.
Examples include hobbies like stamp collecting, woodworking, sewing, model railroading, the list is endless.
If you are building web sites for a living like I do, you need to select a niche that will bring in the bacon.
Doing anything else is simply a waste of your time and energy.
So, how do I select a niche? I have so many ways of selecting niches, but let's talk about one of my favorites.
I go to the book store to do some of my niche selection.
The book store is a rich place to mine topics of interest.
They are all laid out for you in an easy to manage way.
You may already be thinking about how I do it, but don't jump the gun just yet! OK, here goes! I head over to the magazine rack.
It is always my first stop! Think about this for a moment.
Do you see all those giant glossy publications? Do you think a publisher would spend their time and effort to print out over a hundred pages in glossy color if there was no money in it? Of course they wouldn't! There are many favorites to choose from.
Let me start with fashion magazines.
Women spend a lot of money on cosmetics and clothing.
They also spend lots of time reading about how to attract the perfect mate.
Already, I can see three broad topics and tons of focused niches here.
Don't like fashion? OK, let's talk sports.
Men love sports.
Some of my favorites include golfing, fishing, baseball, football, basketball, soccer and tennis.
You can go anywhere from golf clubs to tennis shoes.
Any one of those has specialties that can bring in the bucks.
OK, I've given you some ideas that can take months to write about.
Go out there and do it!
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