Improving Cycling Technique: Triathlete Training For Beginner Triathletes

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When you are riding hard in a race or in a competitive situation, you always tend to go back to your bad habits.
Unfortunately some habits can be inefficient and during a race is certainly not the time you are wanting to see these habits shine through.
One of the most common hindrances is the pedal stroke.
Experts have always commented on the differences and the most efficient technique.
Some experts have even said that a technique using pointed toes is ok.
These experts argue that it is the amount of training you do that really determines your efficiency and power output.
Having said this, the experts that argue this line are in the minority.
The majority of experts believe the following below, and this is what I recommend you follow.
Always remember that you should be trying to maintain a nice fluid stroke when you are pedalling.
This means that you are maintaining force and power throughout the whole rotation of the pedal.
I used the analogy that you should feel as though you are scraping something from the bottom of your shoe, maybe chewing gum when you are at the bottom of the rotation.
Also, it is important to feel as though your stroke is even throughout the whole rotation of the pedal.
It should not feel disjointed or uneven.
Therefore, you must aim to pull up during what I call the follow through of the stroke.
Pulling up with your hamstring is especially important.
This way your muscles will be working together to achieve optimum power and efficiency.
In the same way, you must also push over the top section of the rotation to get the most out of the stroke.
Another key point.
You should also aim to keep you foot level, so that your toes are not pointing towards the ground, but in the direction you are travelling(flat, and horizontal).
Therefore, keep your feet level as you ride and maintain this during the whole pedal rotation.
You may find it difficult at first and you may have to try to push you heels downwards in order to keep your feet level.
With time it will become natural to you.
Only pushing down during the pedal stroke will mean that you are missing out of 2/3 of your potential power output.
This is why it is crucial that you maintain a consistent and even stroke.
Furthermore, if you don't have correct riding shoes I would advise getting some.
Look for ones with a stiff sole so that you do not lose power through the shoe.
If you are serious about racing, carbon fibre soled shoes are great but if not, plastic soled shoes are OK as well.
Drills for improving pedal stroke efficiency 3x (30secs Left Leg/30secs Right Leg/60secs Spin with high cadence) This is a single leg drill and should be done as a "float drill".
Both pedals should be on the pedals but you should be concentrating and have mental on one leg(as specified in reps) 3x (30secs Left Leg/30secs Right Leg/60secs Spin with high cadence) Close your eyes and focus on your pedal stroke carefully.
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