Types of Carpets in Hotels

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    Synthetic Fiber Carpets

    • Hotels commonly use acrylic carpets for their numerous advantages, including stain resistance, mildew and mold resistance, fast drying and color variety. Acrylic fiber carpets wear out with heavy use and are not recommended for high-traffic areas. Polypropylene carpets are similar in feel to wool, stain resistant and are bleached easily. Polyester carpets are one of the most common hotel room synthetic carpets. They are available in a variety of vibrant colors. Polyester fiber tends to shed and attracts oil stains and degenerates when exposed to excessive sunlight. Nylon carpets are abrasion, mildew and stain resistant. Nylon has greater tensile strength than other synthetic fibers and is best suited for high-traffic areas.

    Natural Carpets

    • Medium- to high-end luxury hotels invest in natural carpets such as coir fiber carpets, seagrass carpets, jute carpets, sisal carpets and wool carpets. Coir fiber is extracted from the husk of the coconut plant. It makes an antistatic carpet that is used on stairs, living rooms and bedrooms. Seagrass carpets are alternatives to traditional carpets. They are made from seagrass and form a resistant floor covering. Seagrass carpets have a latex backing and are used in medium- to low-traffic areas. Jute carpets are made from the jute plant and are fire resistant, durable and strong. They come in a variety of colors and are not recommended for high-traffic areas or under direct sunlight. Sisal carpets are made from the sisal fiber that is derived from the plant Agave Sisalana. Sisal carpets do not trap dust, resist static and are commonly used to carpet hotel stairs and hallways. Wool is one of the favorite carpeting choice in leading hotels. Wool carpets are available in various styles, colors and weaving patterns. Wool carpets are biodegradable, durable and resist most stains and dust mites.

    Blended Carpets

    • Blended carpets are versatile and adaptable and are commonly laid in various areas of a hotel. They vary in quality and appearance and are made by blending two or more different fibers. Blended carpets include silk/wool blends, cotton/silk, wool/nylon and olefin/nylon blends. Blended carpets combine the features and properties of both its constituent fibers.

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