How Do You Get To the Top of the Search Engines?

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This article is the reality of what you need to do to get to the best position you possibly can in the search engines, no hype or myths.
You will finally know what it is you really need to do and what you need to do to develop a strategy to promote your website.
Let us first look at what it is that gets pages ranked in the top of the search engines; search engines each have their own secret methods and algorithms for ranking websites with the overall mission to get the most relevant content in front of someone searching for particular keywords.
There is an endless battle going on between the search engines to bring us the most relevant content and the SEO experts trying to find loopholes to get their clients to the top.
The different strategies for search engine optimization fall into two categories; white hat strategies which involves working with the search engines to give them what they are looking for and black hat strategies which involve loopholes and cheats for getting ranked at the top.
Although black hat strategies can work for a period of time the clever guys at Google will soon find out what you are up to tighten the loophole and ban you from the search engine.
This is known as being Google slapped and can take a long time to recover from.
Ranking factors are continually changing and to know which ones actually work you would have to be an inside man on the search engines top team.
Below is a list of the ones that have been proven through the test of time and coincide with what the search engines are trying to achieve"white hat strategies" • You need to have keyword rich quality themed content; this does not mean a load of gobble packed with keywords.
Quality means keyword rich content with well worded phrases and paragraphs linked to those keywords.
The search engines are getting a lot better at reading pages and they are no longer looking for just keywords but entire meaningful content related to the keywords.
• Links to your site from other web pages; it is important to have links pointing to your website from other relevant websites, they will have no effect from non related web pages.
Although you will not lose marks for having bad quality links from link farms and other none related websites it will not aid your quest for SEO.
Authority sites are the best form of links to have; sites that already rank high in the search engines containing your link will throw a lot of weight.
• Older sites will tend to rank higher because of the experience and durability factor, as long as they are active sites and updated they will rise in time.
Remember that search engines want to deliver the most up to date relevant information so keeping it current is important.
• Links out from your website to authority sites will also show relevance and importance on your site.
Be careful to check out the site you are linking too, although you want lose points for bad incoming links you will lose points for linking out to bad content.
• Keywords play a major factor, some are more competitive than others; start with the most specific and work your way into long tail keywords adding a state or town for local businesses is a great help.
• The most eligible factor in all these points is to have unique content; you need to have your links coming from non duplicate sources as the search engines filter all the duplicate stuff so the links will not count.
The Myth Buster of SEO A search engine optimisation expert cannot guarantee you a first page ranking, unless of course he works for the search engines and has control to put you there.
All he can guarantee is his efforts in trying to get you on the first page.
Don't believe that an SEO expert can get you 100 Page 5 links for $100.
A single link from a site this high up will probably cost you $50 a month the higher the ranking the website you want to link from the more costly it will be.
There are only six ways to get quality links from authority sites:- 1.
Buy them 2.
Talk them into placing a link on their site 3.
Get them enrolled in your affiliate program 4.
Provide them with unique content they want on their sites 5.
Get in early on a low Page ranked site and wait for the page to raise in the search engines.
Have such a great site that people will happily put links on their site and tell people about you.
Last myth of the day is the back link checker; using the link command link: yourwebsite.
com does not give you accurate results, why? The search engines do not want you to know the truth about your links because the only people that would be interested in such a thing are SEO experts, the very same people that the search engines are in direct competition with.
A more accurate way of finding out how many links you have coming into your site would be typing this into your address bar: http ://www.
+-+ This is the only way of finding out if your links have been truly indexed or not.
You need to replace "yourdomain" with your own web URL missing out the.
com and www.
In the first one.
So What is the Best SEO Strategy Make sure that your web pages are optimized and W3C compliant.
Remove any excess code like JavaScript by storing it in external files.
Make sure all the h1, h2 and h3 tags are relevant to your theme and the Meta tags also fit in with the contents.
Create lots of content for your site for site on a regular basis preferably daily so you end up with hundreds of relevant pages pointing links toward your site.
You will eventually see your site rise up the search engines for the main and long tail keywords.
When you have good content on your site and not until, submit your site to DMOZ.
The last step will take time and will probably see more failure than success but perseverance is the key.
Contact authority sites in your niche and speak to them about putting a link on their site through an article to add content or some other deal.
The high ranking sites will need quite a lot of persuasion but will be worth the effort.
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