Shed Tummy Fat - the Do"s and Don"ts of Burning Off the Fat

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I am going to share how you can and cannot shed tummy fat.
That's right there are great and highly effective ways to burn fat off your belly and there are things that are a complete waste of time.
This article sets the record straight and if you need to get some inches off your midsection then I encourage you to take a couple of minutes and read on.
Shed Tummy Fat Don't do sit-ups hoping to trim your tummy.
Let's put this one to rest, you cannot spot reduce your belly.
I am not saying I despise sit-ups and when done properly they can help strengthen your core but this article is about getting fat off and this is not the way.
Don't starve.
So you know the formula for weight loss is to eat fewer calories and burn more and you will lose...
well, that is true until your body adapts and if you are eating very few calories your body adapts within a week and drops your fat burning metabolism by up to 50%.
Now let's switch gears and see what is right to do...
Do use interval training.
To burn fat up to nine times faster then long steady walking or jogging on the treadmill use interval training.
The concept is simple to learn just alternate back and forth between periods of high effort/fast pace where you are really working hard and periods of active rest where you are still moving but catching your breath.
Do eat throughout the day.
If you are one to eat very little during the day and then overeat at night you are doing the exact opposite of what your metabolism needs to burn fat.
Start with breakfast and eat small meals every few hours.
Eating actually boosts your metabolism and if you make better food choices for your meals such as protein and vegetables your body has to work even harder giving you more of a boost.
You can shed tummy fat fast when you do the right things and avoid the rest.
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