Automated Cash Formula Review - A Formula For Success

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Without going into details, the Automated Cash Formula is an e-book presented in PDF format that is produced by Dave Gale and which you can purchase for $37.
This e-book provides you with information on internet marketing according to the precepts of Dave Gale.
As an addition to the e-book you get the opportunity to purchase a set of videos as an upsell.
These are offered for the price of $67 and $19 respectively.
The Formula According To Dave Gale.
As you would expect, there are a few tried and tested ways of internet marketing that all of us know is feasible if you put some work in to achieve your goals.
This leads me to my first point of criticism with regards the marketing concepts of the Automated Cash Formula.
Now, for an established internet marketer who knows what they are doing, this product is absolutely fine - and, don't get me wrong, the Automated Cash Formula is a very good product that is extremely effective.
Did Automated Cash Formula Work?
However, it is too easy to mislead the "newbie" internet marketer who is likely to be wooed into thinking they can make money without lifting a finger - and then dropping out as another internet failure statistic when they find this just isn't the case.
What am I talking about? Quite simply, the Automated Cash Formula is being marketed as "make you hundreds of dollars a day, everyday on auto-pilot...
" That's fine once you have set the system up, but it takes a few months of quite persistent work to get it to that point before you can totally rely on the auto-pilot taking over.
So, What Is The Formula?
In a nutshell, Automated Cash Formula is a two tier affiliate program, also known as JV brokering.
This involves recruiting in the right people who are effective as sub-affiliates, choosing a niche market and then relying on the work done by your affiliates to bring in your money.
It does work - and work very well - but you do need to put considerable research time in at the beginning to acquire the best affiliates and pick the most effective niche product.
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