Lose Weight With Water

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The idea that water helps in weight loss is often welcomed with disbelieve and doubt.
For those who doubt, it's important to understand that our body in itself is made up of water in large amount.
Our blood is 80% water, our lean muscle is 75% water, our body fat and bones are made up of 20% water.
With this figure, it's apparent that water plays a crucial role in our body weight loss.
Let's look at the benefits of water on weight loss.
First its does this by making you craves less food.
People add weight when they eat junks in between meals.
This craving happens when your body lacks enough water and so it dehydrates.
By drinking water instead of snacking on the next chocolate bar, you get filled and satisfied.
Its advised to drink water reasonably and not abuse it.
Cold water helps you burn more fat than warm water.
Studies show that it takes up to 60 calories of your body to raise its temperature before its being used.
That means by just drink cold water in one week, you've lost 420 calories.
Losing weight is not only about drinking water, its important toeat theright thing while you're drinking water.
A combination of good food with water is the natural way of gaining control over our weight.
Some people think that drinking water on its own will do it.
Well, it does, but it leads to more harm than good.
Lets look at some good foods to accompany with water.
First the main thing you should be looking out for in your meals when losing weight are bad fats.
They don't only get you gaining weight but also other serious health problems like heart disease and blood pressure.
Stick to good fats.
They help promote good blood pressure, stop your blood from clotting and reduce your chances of a heart attack.
Good fats can be found in Sardines, Herrings, Salmon and Mackerel.
While we have good oils, we also have good proteins that help reduce your appetite for excess food.
They are also good for developing your muscle tissues.
Cottage cheese, fish and low fat milk are among them.
A good appetite reducer is carbohydrates.
Beans, vegetables and whole grains help you release energy slowly.
Get yourself filled up easily with fibres as they help cleans your digestive system.
Nuts, bran, brown rice, strawberries are just a few among many fibres you can eat.
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