How to Check the Quality of Fresh Water Pearl Jewellery

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Many people consider fresh water pearls to be imitation pearls as they have been cultured, but this is not the case. Unlike natural pearls, fresh water pearls are grown with human intervention. Whatever the process involved in creating pearls, natural and freshwater pearls are identical in their makeup as they both comprise of the changeable internal layer of a mollusc shell. Both types of pearl bring the same level of pleasure and happiness to the wearer.

For nearly four thousand years fresh water pearls have been used for decoration and in jewellery. The use of pearls began in Egypt with the mother pearl and has travelled through time remaining one of the most sought after jewels. Fresh water pearls can be used in numerous items of jewellery including crowns, necklaces, tiaras and rings to name but a few.

Fresh water pearls are usually a white or beige colour but the latest pearl culturing techniques mean that artificial colouring can be added to oysters that are in the process of growing pearls and this colour will be fully integrated into the pearls. There is another method of adding colours to fresh water pearls and that is to dye the pearls after they have been fully formed. Using this method usually produces pearls with brighter colours and does not tend to affect the quality of the pearl so you do not need to worry about this. There are so many colours available including purple, blue, pink brown and green.

When you decide to purchase some fresh water pearl jewellery the first step is to check the pearls origin. The reason for this is that there are several countries that culture fresh water pearls, but the majority of pearls, 73%, come from China. The origin of freshwater pearl necklace can readily affect its price so consider purchasing freshwater pearl necklaces from less-known pearl manufacturers if you're on a budget. Fresh water pearls that are authentic are frown naturally inside the shell of an oyster and come in different shapes. The most popular shape of pearl are the round or baroque but there are other shapes available if they are not to your taste. Other shapes available are off-round, button, stick, coin, teardrop and oval. The more creative shaped pearls are suited to those who have differentiating taste, whereas round and baroque pearls used in fresh water pearl jewellery looks great with classy and formal outfits.

It is easy to check the quality of the pearls used in your fresh water pearl jewellery yourself and you can do this by scraping the surface of the pearl with a little force. When you do this a trace of powder will appear but once you wipe this away the pearl should appear completely untouched. Another way to check the quality of your fresh water pearl jewellery is to check the grade it has been given. The pearl grading system is A, AA, AAA. AAA is the finest quality and A is the lowest. Pearls with an AAA rating should all look exactly the same as there is no difference in pearls with this rating.
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