Biube Pure Aquarium - The "Clear" Alternative to a Regular Biube Tank

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If you have eyed a Biube or Biorb aquarium but didn't like the top and bottom pieces that cover several inches of the aquarium, the Biube Pure is for you.
It was designed specifically to give you a complete view of the entire aquarium, 360 degrees around and from top to bottom.
There is no bulky lid, light, or top to distract from easily watching and enjoying your fish.
A Few Things You Might Not Have Known About The Biube Pure Aquarium oIt can be used with saltwater or freshwater oIt comes with the Biorb Intelligent LED Light ($105 value) which technically makes the tank itself only about $90, A GREAT DEAL oIt uses the same Biorb service kit filter as all the other Biorb and Biorb life aquariums oThe Biube Pure fits great on office desks and tables in kids rooms, and the intelligent led light makes a great nightlight Some of My Favorite Things About the Biube Pure I actually have a bi ube pure aquarium setup at my house and one of my favorite things is watching my neon tetras swim around the volcano decoration in the bottom of the aquarium.
The fish constantly play catch up with each other swimming around the tank.
Another thing I love about the Bi ube Pure is the Intelligent LED Light.
My favorite setting is at dusk/dawn before the light is at its brightest, but after the blue moonlight turns off, it really looks like the lighting at sunrise and sunset.
I also love not having to remember to turn my light on and off every day, the automatic cycle makes it easy to conserve energy and give my fish the light they need.
Why the Biube Pure is One of The Hottest Biorb Aquariums Since the Biube Pure first came out in 2008, it has been one of the most popular of all the Biorb aquariums.
The Biube Pure gives you the most bang for your buck when buying a Biorb tank.
It comes with the Biorb intelligent light, which makes the aquarium itself only $90, and it also includes Biorb ceramic media, air pump, a service kit filter, an airstone, and water conditioner.
The Intelligent Light lasts up to 50,000 hours, which means you will save around $30 a year on light bulbs that you would have had to buy with a regular Biorb light.
That being said, besides the excellent price, it looks awesome, the end.
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