Which Phones Are Compatible With iSync?

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    • iSync is a software in Macintosh OS X's operating system which provides third-party support to mobile phones and mobile devices. This software is compatible with a wide variety of mobile phones when using the operating system of Macintosh OS X version 10.4.11 and later. Very new mobile devices will often have their own separate downloadable plug-in.


    • Only a few PDA's are supported by the Mac iSync software and only work for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5. These devices are the Palm Tungsten family of PDAs and the Palm Zire family of PDAs. All the other Palm PDAs require the purchase of third-party software and must be used with the Mac OS X operating system 10.6 or later.

    Motorola Phones

    • Many different models of Motorola phones work with Mac iSync software, ranging from all models of the RAZR to the L2 to the PEBL. The newer models of Motorola phones which use Android software must have third-party software downloaded for them to work with iSync, as well as a newer Mac OS X operating system.

    Nokia Phones

    • Many different models of Nokia phones work with the iSync software. These range from just about every model of phone within the Nokia N series to the Nokia 3600 to 9300i models of phones. The Nokia N-Gage and N-Gage QD also work with iSync and additional iSync plug-ins have also been designed specifically for Nokia phones.

    Ericsson Phones

    • Sony Ericsson phones work well with iSync software, as almost every model is made to link up to it through the Macintosh OS X operating system. Phone models include most of the Ericsson phone models in the K-series, as well as most of those in the T-series, W-series and Z-series.

    Other Phones

    • Certain models of other types of cell phone manufacturers are also compatible with the Mac iSync software. Siemens and Panasonic are a couple companies who have a few specific models of cell phone which can work with iSync, and Samsung and Sendo only have a few phones which will link up to it. Many Japanese phones will require a third-party purchase of a specific software from a company called Reudo.

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