Internet Marketing Tips - How to Triple Your Income in One Year

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Let me preface this article by saying that this is based on my own personal experience.
There are many other ways to go about tripling your income.
One way, right off the top of my head is simply to triple your advertising expense, provided that the advertising you're currently doing is bringing you a profit.
If not, then you might have a bit of a problem.
Anyway, here is how I personally did it.
Maybe you can get something from this.
Probably the most significant thing I did was really as simple as just creating more products.
For the first few years as a marketer, I was simply into affiliate marketing.
I didn't create my own products at all.
The very first year that I created even just my first product, my income more than tripled.
It was absolutely unreal the difference selling your own product makes.
The reason is because not only are YOU selling the product but you have your affiliates selling it as well.
In the years since, making even more products, I tripled my income yet again.
So product creation is absolutely at the top of my list.
Another huge factor in the increase in my income is relationships.
When I first started marketing online, I was a person unto himself.
I didn't know anybody nor did I care to know anybody.
But I learned, over time, that you need to cultivate relationships online.
Since doing this, my income has also increased significantly.
The reason is simple.
You can't do everything yourself and getting a solid joint venture with somebody is a great way to build your income because you are now tapping into another person's resources.
Finally, there is advertising.
Nobody can argue that the more you advertise the more you're going to make.
And you don't have to spend a lot of money on advertising.
For that matter, many effective forms of advertising are free or dirt cheap.
Solo ads at some sites run as little as $20 and reach thousands of people who are interested in the same things you are if you target your ads to the right sites.
I've gone from barely earning a living to a six figure marketer.
It all came from doing the above things.
Yes, it's THAT simple.
To YOUR Success, Steven Wagenheim
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