AshMax Marketing System Review - How Can I Have Success in My AshMax Business?

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AshMax Buzz Many People have been talking about the AshMax Opportunity all over the internet lately.
I see videos about it on Youtube.
People tweet it all over twitter.
I get messages about it on Facebook.
What is it all about? Can I have success in AshMax? I just want to inform you that the way people have been advertising AshMax is not the way to do online marketing.
I will tell you why people are doing it wrong after I tell you a little bit about the company.
The Company The company was created by Ash Mufareh who is a top income earner in Global Domains International (GDI).
AshMax integrates two programs which are GDI and Freeway to Success (FTS).
GDI is a domain hosting site while FTS offers massive discounts on shopping online for food, clothes and everything.
The Compensation Plan The compensation plan with AshMax is based on a 5x5 matrix compensation structure.
The matrix assumes that each person will sponsor at least 5 people into FTS and GDI through AshMax.
With your matrix full of 3905 people, you are able to make $22,295 each month.
At least that is what they tell you on their website.
The Cost and Challenge The cost of signing up in AshMax is Free, but you still have to pay a total of $25 ($10 GDI and $15 FTS) to make an income.
AshMax gives you a 20 day challenge to sponsor at least 5 people within that time frame.
By accomplishing this, you will be done for ever.
There is a flip side.
If you are unable to sponsor 5 people in 20 days you are removed from the system.
My Thoughts I really like how the system is setup to weed out the tire kickers and individuals that jump from one opportunity to the next.
Just about anyone who has been involved in MLM or network marketing understands the frustrations from having to deal with the tire kickers and opportunity hoppers.
There is one thing that concerns me.
I don't understand how you can make $22K per month paying only $25 per month per person.
Some of the numbers don't seem to make sense, but I am not saying that this company is not legitimate.
I do believe that if someone knows how to market their business online and puts in the work, they can easily sponsor 5 people within 20 days.
How to Market AshMax Now I need to tell you the proper way of marketing your business online.
When many people get into online marketing, they tend to promote their company up front.
Many people do it in ways that annoy the heck out of people.
Every day I get a tons of emails telling me about how great someone's opportunity is.
They try to convince me to join by telling me how ground floor the opportunity is, that I will be getting a ton of spillover, etc.
However, people are not interested in joining businesses.
They are interested in joining people.
When someone is presented with a business opportunity, they will usually go to Google and do research on the company.
If they like it they will join a leader they feel that will help them.
You don't want to be that person that introduces your opportunity only to have them join someone other than you.
This is why you need to learn how to brand market yourself as an expert.
This is called attraction marketing.
People don't join companies or marketing systems, they join people.
You need to learn attraction marketing so that you can attract people to join you in your AshMax opportunity.
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