Give Custom Business Trophies at Your Next Awards Banquet

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Custom trophies are one of the best types of awards you can give an employee for excellent work.
They're unique, stand the test of time, and aren't eaten within minutes.
Unlike a watch, ring, or lapel pin, a custom business trophy may be displayed anywhere, regardless of fashion or decor.
Many companies give awards in the form of t-shirts, sweatshirts or ball caps.
Some people may appreciate the gesture, but never wear the item because they don't like it or feel it is just another form of advertisement.
Don't make the mistake of offering your star employees something that makes them feel like a walking billboard.
Custom Business Trophies You would, of course, want your custom business trophies to include your business logo and maybe the tag line.
Make sure to leave room for your employee's name, the date, and why they received their award.
Include information specific to that employee at every possible opportunity so they feel they've really received something special.
Design special business trophies for specific aspects pertaining to the recipient's job.
Simple, standard trophies are usually nice, but very generic.
Grant special awards to your employees, not cheap little tokens of gratitude that can be bought at nearly any local shop.
Design Your Own Custom trophy makers allow their customers to create truly unique pieces that stand apart from others.
No other memento in the world will be the same.
Your employee will feel that they've truly received something worth treasuring; something unique that they can display with pride.
Choose to engrave the base only, or ask about engraving directly onto the award itself.
Awards that present a large blank area may be customized with the company logo, the person's achievement, or any variety of graphic design.
Consider adding a special graphic that represents the part of their job for which they are being recognized.
Personalization is Key No matter if you plan to present custom trophies or plaques, personalization is the key element.
Ensure that all names are spelled correctly, and all other information is correct before presenting the award to the recipient.
Nothing makes an employee feel more appreciated than receiving a priceless, personalized memento that they may display on their desk or in their home.
Plan an Awards Banquet Your employees deserve the best, so take the time to plan it for them.
Rent a large area, arrange a caterer, and order the best custom trophies for their big night.
Make your awards banquet the highlight of their entire work year.
A successful business owner understands that money must be invested back into their business, or the business will fail.
Don't expect your employees to be perfectly happy working and receiving a paycheck.
Make their work rewarding enough to make them strive to achieve more and do great things with their time.
Your business will shine as brightly as the custom trophies you present to your employees if they're properly motivated to achieve the best outcome in every situation.
Treat your employees as if they are the lifeblood of your company; because they are.
Spare no expense in reinvesting your efforts into the heart and soul of your company.
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