How To Drive Truckloads Of Traffic To Your Network Marketing Offers

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The second of what I call the 4 Marketing Pillars consists of driving massive amounts of traffic to your network marketing MLM offers. This is often where beginners (and all marketers actually) get off track.
I specialize in helping beginner marketers start their businesses online and invariably every single beginner fails to drive sufficient traffic to their offers. Most times the reason for this failure is a lack of funds coupled with a belief that they can generate sufficient traffic through free lead generation strategies.
The debate between the relative merits of free verses paid traffic is beyond the scope of this article. For now I want to focus on the importance of driving massive amounts of traffic to your site no matter the source of that traffic.
An offer without traffic is like a fine sports car without any gasoline. The car may look good but its not going anywhere. The same is true of an offer or web site for your business or network marketing opportunity that has no or insufficient traffic. Put another way, if no one knows about your irresistible offer you won't make any money.
In reality, the typical beginner doesn't know which paid sources are good and which are not. Knowing which paid traffic sources are profitable is crucial to creating an effective marketing campaign. From years of experience I've come to know which paid sources are the most profitable so I am able to help my team create an effective marketing plan based on their particular needs and budget.
When I coach beginners, if their budget is tight, I recommend they start with the free traffic strategies like article and forum posting, social media posting on Twitter, and Facebook, video marketing by posting videos on the popular video sites and social bookmarking on sites like Squidoo and Stumbledupon. I always tell my beginners that while free traffic strategies do work, they take literally hours of time each day. Further, for these free strategies to create sufficient volume for them to be effective, they must be consistently applied day after day literally for months.
On the other hand, while driving traffic with paid traffic strategies does cost money, they typically can generate traffic much much faster. The main paid traffic sources are Pay Per Click (PPC) on Google Adwords (less so recently for home based business and MLM) and MSN/Yahoo, Pay Per View, Ezine Marketing, Banners, Text Ads, Coregistration and Email marketing.
Strategically placed paid traffic ads which get your offer in front of your target market can generate the type of targeted traffic that can result in literally hundreds of leads per day. And this fast, large lead flow is one of the biggest keys to making big money.
Of course the challenge with paid traffic strategies is to carefully test and monitor your ad placements so as to know which ads are working and which are not. This critical information allows you to ramp up your winners and trim your losers.
Ultimately each marketer will decide which mix of paid and free traffic sources best suit their needs. In the end however, regardless of whether you use free or paid traffic strategies, its all about how much targeted traffic you send to your offers on a consistent daily basis.
As Always,
"The Beginners Mentor"
Kevin Pritchett

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