Anger Management - Solace for the Victims

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First it has to be realized that there are variations or types of anger.
Although they all can be destructive the lashing out type of anger or anger directed towards others is most disturbing.
It should be said though, that even if one is the direct recipient of the anger being emitted from another individual, it is still distressing and makes anger management everyone's business.
So is anger that is directed towards someone abuse? In the technical sense it, is as the best definition to describe abuse is anything that may be offensive, cause injury or be harmful in some way.
If an angry person is directing his anger towards you with hurtful and nasty words or even in a raised voice, then yes they are being abusive.
It would be anger abuse.
Now does it have to be accepted simply because it is generally accepted that the angry person is out of control and cannot help himself? No it doesn't, and yet many in society accept anger abuse much more readily than other forms of abuse.
In terms of physical and mental abuse society is beginning to make it known that it isn't acceptable, yet anger abuse should be placed in this very same category.
A husband who is constantly angry is emotionally draining on his family.
Therefore they are being abused.
For this reason those around the individual displaying the anger should become pro active in encouraging the individual to seek out anger management help.
It is obvious that many of the Courts see anger that is directed towards another as a form of abuse and often will make court orders to force the individual to seek help.
What about the abuse that is not directed at another though.
The family man who is always angry with himself? It would be impossible for this not to have a direct effect on his family.
Nobody wants to be around a circumstance where an individual is displaying signs of anger.
It makes for an uncomfortable atmosphere, and certainly not a happy one.
In essence the members of the household are victims here as well.
Every effort should be made to encourage an individual to seek out anger management help that displays frequent bouts of anger.
If this is a trait that all of a sudden occurs, it should be nipped in the bud quickly.
The angry individual should be encouraged to go and have a complete medical checkup.
If there are no physical factors involved then they should be encouraged to seek out psychological assistance.
Attempts as to the cause of this sudden change in character should be made.
In other words anger problems should not be taken lightly.
Not only should the individual be encouraged to seek help for himself by way of anger management, but for the solace of the victims it is most important.
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