Wrist Flexor Exercises

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    Wrist Curls

    • Wrist curls are done by moving the wrist towards the body while holding a weight or providing weight resistance of some type. One easy way to do this exercise is to lay your forearm on a flat surface with your wrist at the edge. Holding a small hand weight let your wrist fall over the edge and then lift the weight up towards you only bending your wrist. The rest of your arm should remain laying flat on the table. Repeat several times and build up your endurance by doing more repetitions and then increasing your weight.


    • There are several grips on the market now that are specifically designed for wrist flexor exercises. There are grip balls which are balls that you squeeze to work out your wrists. There are also handles that are connected by a coil, you squeeze the handles together and the coil serves as the resistance. These are just a couple of the options available that will allow you to do your wrist flexor exercises anywhere you may go.

    Wrist Roll

    • A wrist roll is a little more difficult of an exercise to do , but is very effective in working the wrists. You will need to find a short handle that is a foot long. Tie a rope around the handle and the other end should be tied to a metal weight plate. Holding the rod in one hand, rotate the wrist so that the rope pulls up on weight. Rotating the wrist back the other way willl lower the weight. Do as many repetitions as possible without experiencing fatigue.

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