Computer Activities for High School

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    Learning to Use PowerPoint

    • According to, high school students can learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation as few as six activities. Once students get acquainted with the program, they'll create a short presentation using at least five slides. The first activity will simply motivate students to want to learn about PowerPoint so that in the second activity, they can talk about the benefits of the software with group discussion. Students complete a hand out and quiz questions as the third activity, to recognize what they have learned thus far, and begin to apply basic skills like changing backgrounds and using hyperlinks in activity four. Students will work on developing attractive presentation styles in the fifth activity, and for the final and sixth activity will take everything they have learned to make their own five-slide presentations. Using the additional resources, examples and worksheets at HotChalk can enhance students' learning experiences.

    Graphics Poster in Microsoft Word

    • Teach your high school students about exploring computer graphics to design a poster using Microsoft Word. If you don't have a graphics program on your computer, simply open a new Word document as your canvas. Allow students to choose a topic for their posters from ideas like teen pregnancy or to create awareness of the dangers of texting while driving. Explain to them the difference between portrait and landscape formatting, as well as giving an overview of the Word document tools such as shapes, text boxes and lines. Once a student has grasped the basic concepts, instruct her to design her own poster without using clip art. You might show her how to import a picture of herself, and explore the different shading effects Word allows when formatting a picture. When your students have completed their posters, they can print them out on colored paper and present their designs to the class.


    • In the techno-specialist lesson, it is the student's job to help customers purchase computer hardware. Each student will take on the role of an IT Specialist, having to understand and explain the function of computer terminology and the features of an efficient computer. He will take what he learns and translate it into a PowerPoint presentation. According to, using six different activities, the students can attain knowledge of technology and it's processes. The first activity introduces computer basics; storage devices are explored in the second activity and memory types in the third. You'll discuss the microprocessor in the fourth activity, sight and sound in relation to picture and quality in the fifth, and finally wrap up all the activities with a final presentation showcasing students' newly attained computer knowledge.

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