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Sugar is an application that was developed using open source to help businesses develop and maintain their customer relations.
Businesses can keep track of their daily operations using Sugar.
Sugar has applications that allow businesses to keep records of products their customers have bought, making it easier for the organization to know which products are popular and which products need work.
Sugar also has a component that lets you keep track of sale leads, or potential sales and opportunities.
One application allows you to determine how close you were to making a sale to help the organization see where they need improvement in dealing with customers.
Customers' contact information, such as name and address, may be maintained using Sugar.
However, although Sugar is a Customer Relations Management Service, it also has various functions to help an organization stay organized internally.
Sugar allows an organization to keep track of and set meetings.
Calls can be made using the call function.
Sugar offers a calendar and an application to keep track of employees.
Documents can be created and shared with other users and customers.
Sugar offers e-mail, a place to keep track of notes, and a campaign module so businesses can track sales campaigns.
Sugar creates products to help businesses and organizations manage themselves effectively by maintaining great customer records, which increases customer relations.
It also helps businesses manage themselves effectively by helping employees and managers stay in touch with the daily operations of the business, such as sale records and product satisfaction.
The meeting and campaign interfaces make it easier for businesses to communicate more effectively internally.
Not only does Sugar offer top notch programs to their customers, but they want these products to be easily accessible for all users.
Sugar is not designed to be used with any one operating system or web browser.
The open source means you can access Sugar whether you use a MAC or PC, whether you have Mozilla Firefox, or Windows as your web browser.
In fact, Sugar is so dedicated to making sure their customers have what they need, that they offer a free version of Sugar called Sugar Community Edition, wherein an organization may become a part of the whole sugar process.
Sugar Community Edition allows the user a taste of the variety of functions Sugar has for businesses to run their organizations.
In order to receive greater functionality with Sugar, users may upgrade and download other Sugar applications, for a fee, in order to maximize business production.
Sugar is continually growing and developing applications to help businesses become and stay successful.
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