LINUX Operating System Administration - Open Source Advantages - Much More Than Money

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Many people regard the LINUX operating system administration as a low cost alternative to the AIX operating system: And indeed, without proprietary licensing, maintenance and support fees this is generally the case.
Even so, Open Source Solutions offer up many other advantages.
Open Source reduces a Company's dependence upon proprietary software vendors: And freedom is good.
This means it is not necessary to consistently upgrade in order to receive support: A frequent and favoured tact of even the biggest software vendors.
With Open Source users avoid what is referred to as vendor lock-in.
Users are free to decide if and when they wish to upgrade.
Another notable point is that software companies do come and go which means updating may not even be an option in the future.
Open Source Security Some Company's are somewhat hesitant with regards to the integrity of Open Source security: After the code is available to bona fide users and not so bona fide hackers.
Nevertheless, more and more companies are implementing Open Source security solutions: Primarily because they are discovering this Network Security not only costs less, it just as reliable and effective as the proprietary alternatives available.
In addition, they provide greater flexibility and changes can be deployed swiftly if and when your Company's needs change.
Web Software Development An attractive and user friendly Web Design is an essential element of Web Development - It is just not the ONLY essential element: Far from it - It is as they say, just the beginning...
Front end functionality and back end administration are what turn your Website into a powerful business tool.
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