Focus Keenly on the Desired Energy

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In this world of dualities you may experience a combination of what you like, and what you don't like.
This expanding universe ensures that all things must be allowed.
In other words, for you to understand and experience what you really desire, you must understand what you don't desire.
The contrast allows you to choose and focus on what you really want.
We are often confused as there are so many choices to make because of so many things to choose from, that help comes in the form of the unpleasant so that the pleasant becomes obvious.
You may say "But who would want the unpleasant to happen? I can choose well enough from what is provided to me.
" The answer is; many people indirectly ask for the unpleasant by constantly giving their attention to the energies that create unpleasant situations.
The ability to focus clearly and well on something positive is a skill to be developed.
Somewhere, reactions happen and is registered in the nervous system while thinking of the unpleasant.
The unpleasant thoughts may come up by themselves, or be triggered by connected situations because of the existence of so many memory imprints from all that has happened in your life, and on this planet.
Choosing selectively then becomes difficult until you learn how to isolate what you really want.
This requires diminishing the importance of what you don't want and putting it on what you really want.
If you can't do that, the Universe assists you with a brief display of the unwanted in your universe, so that just by viewing it, you now know what you want.
That is easy! What is difficult is then letting go of the contrasting event.
Letting go of the contrast is important.
For the time being, even as things are happening, or even as you feel the fear of unpleasant things happening, start to become immune against them, and stop pushing against things that you don't want to see happen in your world.
Focus instead with increasing keenness on things that you would love to experience.
Then allow it in.
Pushing against anything only serves to bring it closer to you.
Enjoying what you would like to see happen in your mind, brings it into actual physical happening.
You are powerful! Do you have any doubt on your ability to command things into happening? By working consciously with the Law of Attraction you can become an amazing manifestor of loving, happy and abundance filled life situations.
Life happens joyfully when the Law of Attraction is seen in every single event that happens to you.
Find out what programs are running in your sub-conscious mind, and then change the ones that don't serve you.
Encourage only the ones that serve to bring to you all the goodness this world has to offer.
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