7 Promotional Orthodontic Marketing Picks For Busy Patients on the Go

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There are some traditional marketing strategies of old which will never die.
Free promotional items, which fill a need or create excitement, in the eyes of patients, is one of them.
Potential patients are more appreciative of the free items received during a new patient exam than colorful printed information and marketing materials.
The print materials eventually end up in the trash after consumers have read them, while promotional items are a constant reminder that elicits brand recall over a much longer period of time.
For existing patients, promotional items are a constant reminder of your community presence.
It also encourages conversation of treatment services from satisfied customers.
An innate natural tendency of humans is to reciprocate acts of generosity.
Supplying patients with promotional items they can display in public on a daily or regular basis encourages interaction and word of mouth referrals, especially when branded with your logo, name, and contact information.
Friends and family members are more inclined to contact a treatment provider whose name they have heard or seen before from someone they trust, rather than printed newspaper ads, phone books, or expensive TV promotions.
Consider using promotional items which are easily portable and allows the recipient to market your services while they are one the go.
When implementing a promotional program, taking the time to research or consider how branded items expose your name to the public is the difference between an ordinary marketing promotion or remarkable one that builds referrals.
There is no additional expense involved on your part, only the time and effort to ensure your choice of promotional items maximizes your company name and logo to its highest potential.
Any environmentally safe product is a sure bet.
Listed are a few examples of seven promotional picks for patients on the go: oA coffee mug usually remains home while a travel mug for both hot and cold beverages is taken to work or school and displayed on a desk or counter for all to see, comment, and express opinions oWater bottles go anywhere and work for all ages.
Paper is out, non-toxic plastic is in...
oA t-shirt that prominently displays your name or logo in public affords a much better ROI than a t-shirt with muted colors where your brand is not readily displayed, even if a more trendy style oChoosing a functional pen that is ergonomically comfortable and looks good with your printed name and contact information is more likely to remain in a purse or pocket.
It can be easily found and offers contact information quickly rather than looking for a phone book, PDA, or business card.
oA travel size umbrella is easily stored in a car, purse, or backpack on a rainy day oA sturdy canvas bag prominently displays your name and logo at school, sporting events and in the work place oBook covers are always a hit students and mandatory is many areas.
The more colorful and unique the design the better The use of the promotional products should always be used to improve the customers' perception of the practice and how it treats its patients.
Not only will you be seen as generous, thoughtful and kind, but also appreciated for the perceived value of importance you place on your patients.
Presentation today is everything...
especially during tough economic times.
Maximize your investment and choose your promotions wisely when dealing with the public and promoting your practice.
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