Stop Smoking Marijuana - 5 Tips That Work

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If you are starting on your journey to stop smoking marijuana here are 5 tips that can make quitting a little easier.
Create a Journal or Worksheets First thing to do is create a journal or set of worksheets to help discover all aspects of marijuana in your life.
Reasons for smoking the drug, reasons for wanting to quit, how marijuana has affected your life, what triggers your cravings to smoke, health issues, and anything else you feel is important that needs to be included.
Remember, it's your journal.
Have a Plan You need to follow a plan.
We've all heard it before but, "those who fail to plan...
plan to fail".
This is true when trying to break free of an addiction.
Quitting anything that has become a habit isn't easy and marijuana is no different.
It will be a psychological battle and those that have an action plan or program to follow will ultimately be more successful because they were prepared for battle.
Keep Busy It sounds simple and do you know what? It is.
Do something.
Focus on hobbies or projects, build a dog house, organize all your business and tax files, organize all the files on your computer, exercise, go hiking, play basketball, you get he idea.
Just stay busy.
Anything is better than going and getting stoned.
Your Friends I'm sure we all have friends that don't smoke marijuana.
So, why not try hanging with your friends that don't smoke? If you must continue hanging out with your pot smoking friends why not try doing so in public places where laws are enforced.
You hang out with these friends where they can't smoke pot.
Reward Yourself Potheads get high as a reward for accomplishing normal everyday tasks.
Try rewarding yourself with something nice once in awhile.
Order a PPV movie, go out for ice cream, make something special for dinner.
Something simple but effective.
Following these tips will greatly increase your success rate to stop smoking marijuana.
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