7 Capital Marketing Mistakes You Have To Get Rid Of (Part 2)

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3. Magpie Syndrome

You will ask yourself what the magpie has to do with the IM. I will explain that immediately.

The magpie is a bird attracted to shinny things. In German mythology, the magpie was the gods messenger or was considered the Goddess of Death,"Hel", and in other European cultures was considered the messenger of bad luck. Because it steals especially the shinny things, it was feared in the dark ages, being considered the witches' or outlaws' bird.

Don't be a magpie. This means that you don't have to let yourself distracted by "shinny things" when you start with a plan. By "shinny things" I mean other ideas, methods you receive by e-mail or read on a site, which you may believe better than what you were doing at that moment.

It happened to me many times to work on something and to receive an e-mail that was announcing new "revolutionary methods" of building a list or bringing unlimited traffic on a site. I was abandoning what I was doing trying to implement that "revolutionary method". A few days later, the result was zero, and that was not because the method was not good, but because in my subconscious I knew I abandoned a thing that started well.

You don't have to know everything from the beginning in IM. You have to put into practice what you know right now and don't change direction until you finish.

4. Listening to what idiots are saying.

I don't want to offend anybody. I have used the word "idiots" (even if I admit it is a strong word) to make you understand the importance of this aspect. I call "idiots" those who cannot, or won't see or are not interested in this opportunity to make money on-line and have the arrogance to give advices regarding this matter.

When you tell them that you intend to develop an on-line business, they say: "What on earth is this junk? You would better look for a serious job." or "Why are you listening to all the idiots that say you will get rich over night?"

Then, you should ask yourself: "What are these people doing? Are they successful in what they do?" It doesn't matter who is telling you those things, somebody in the family, a friend, a colleague... they are, maybe, very well intended, but they have never tried this, so they have no idea if this works or not. How can they give advice? What makes them experts?

I repeat, I am not saying that they are idiots, but the advices they give can be sometimes idiotic.

Onward and Upward!

PS: Whatever you achieve, don't congratulate yourself too much. Keep going, keep reading, and keep learning!
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