How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?

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With affiliate marketing, it is not necessary for you to have a website to start making money online. If you are new to affiliate marketing and are skeptical about it, you can try it out without having the need to register any domain and hosting first.

Affiliate marketing is about promoting other people products and earns a commission for every sale resulted from your marketing effort. In order to increase the chance of sale conversion, you need to drive targeted traffic to your webpage. But if you do not have a website, how can you possibly do it?

There are many ways whereby you can promote an affiliate product without having your own website. However, as time goes by, I will strongly encourage you to set up your own website and build a list from it. This is the best way to grow your affiliate marketing business.

Now, let me share with you what are some of the ways to promote an affiliate product without a website:

1. Using a Squidoo lens as a landing page. Squidoo is a social networking platform whereby you can create pages (a.k.a lens) and talk about any topic that you like. Squidoo allows you to place direct affiliate links in your lens, without the need to have a domain masking. So if you are promoting a product about forex, you can set up an account at Squidoo which is free, and create a lens with information about forex. Within your lens, place your affiliate links accordingly to start driving traffic to your merchant's sales page.

2. Writing articles to promote your affiliate products. This method is one of my favourite ways to promote affiliate products. Let's say that you would like to promote a product about stopping acne. What you can do is to write articles on the various ways to stop acne so that you are giving your readers loads of valuable information even without them buying anything first. Then place a link to your merchant's sales page in your Author Resource Box to start driving traffic. If your readers like your content, he or she will visit the link that you have placed in your resource box. Also make sure that you include important and targeted key phrases such as €How to Stop Acne within 2 Weeks€ in the title and content for your articles. This is to ensure that your articles can get ranked on first page of Google when acne sufferers are typing the search term €How to Stop Acne within 2 Weeks€ in Google search box. This is also known as the Bum Marketing technique which will drive tons of target traffic to your merchant's sales page if you have chosen the right keywords to target.

3. Using USFreeAds to promote your affiliate products. USFreeAds is a popular online classified site whereby you can create your own classified listings and market affiliate products online. Each classified listing acts like a web page and you can even place opt-in box to capture your visitors' emails and names if you have one.

So with the information above, you should be clear that you do not need a website to start promoting a product online. My advice to you is: if you are new to affiliate marketing, start promoting an affiliate product without a website and get a hang of driving traffic first. Then as you are more familiar in driving traffic, fine tune your strategy by creating squeeze pages and websites to build your lists.
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