The Nature & Importance of Types of Communication

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    Interpersonal Communication

    • Interpersonal communication takes place between two or more people. This type of communication can occur between friends, family members and romantic partners. Interpersonal communication can occur in verbal or written form. It is important for people to understand interpersonal communication because it involves how people form relationships, maintain them and dissolve them. Studying interpersonal communication can help people learn how to show empathy toward others, express their feelings to others in an honest way and respond to others when they share information about themselves.

    Mass Communication

    • Mass communication occurs when one source sends a message to many receivers. This type of communication includes the messages sent via newspapers, television, music, the Internet, radio and film. This type of communication is important for getting information to the public, but it can also be a vessel for sending misinformation. Understanding how mass communication works allows the public to scrutinize the messages it receives and evaluate them for any bias or errors.

    Organizational Communication

    • Organizational communication is the communications that takes place in a workplaces. This type of communication can include the way that employees communicate with each other, and the way that organizations communicate with the public. By understanding this type of communication, people can learn how to effectively communicate with their boss, communicate in work teams and communicate with customers.

    Public Speaking

    • Public speaking is the process of a speaker communicating with an audience. This type of communication can be done to inform, entertain or persuade people. Public speaking may take place through mass media or in person, such as during lectures or presentations in the workplace. It is important for people to understand public speaking because many workplaces value this skill and require that employees address their peers during meetings. Also, when people are members of an audience, if they understand public speaking, they can gain insight into what a speaker is trying to accomplish and make decisions about how to weigh the information the speaker has delivered.

    Nonverbal Communication

    • Nonverbal communication is the way that people communicate without using words. This type of communication can help accentuate the words that people use and communicate what people think and feel when they are not speaking. The type of communication is important because it is a way people can display affection and use gestures to make a point. Also, understanding nonverbal communication can help people detect when others are lying, because when nonverbal and verbal communication are not consistent, it can be a sign of deception.

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