Sales Strategies - Do the Work For Them

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It's not that your customers or potential clients are incompetent.
Not at all.
You doing the work for them is a gesture of good will and they will appreciate it.
Doing the work for them may mean comparing prices.
Check out your competition, Whether it's over the phone, on their website or in person - if you don't know them by face, giving your potential client a break down of your competitors prices compared to your prices and services will help them make up their mind and they will appreciate that you have done this work for them.
Keep a current copy for future potential clients and current customers so they don't have to do the work of comparison.
But comparison isn't the only thing you can do for them.
Offer to help them in other areas as well.
If you are good with numbers, offer to show them the accounting portion of your product or service, what software you and your company uses and how it works and why it's the best for your product or service.
What makes it a good fit? They will appreciate you taking the time to show them how and why it works.
Other work you can do for them is setting up the system or helping them to set up the system when they have become a customer.
Walking with them through a set up of a system you know everything about and they know nothing about will impress them and show them you are a stand up guy or gal and can be depended upon when the time comes.
You won't leave them after the sale is completed.
Knowing city or county codes is also a plus that potential clients or customers will appreciate and won't have to go all over town or the Internet to hunt for.
If you sell something like small buildings, do they need a permit? Will it block sight lines? Do they need special permission to dig? These are all things that you might consider a waste of your time, but once you do them and offer the information to the potential client or customer, they will remember that you went the extra step and did the work for them.
All of this extra work should only be needed to be done one time and then you can give it to all your potential clients or customers, perhaps updating the material on yearly bases.
The amount it pays you back, in customer loyalty and additional sales, new leads and references or testimonials are priceless.
"I hate sales.
I avoid them at all costs.
They're way too stressful and I'm not into the aggression they bring out in people.
" - Cat Deeley
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