How to Write Ecommerce Product Descriptions that Sell

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Compelling first impressions are the key to E-commerce success. It's a mouth full, but in essence, it is true. It is almost like going to a job interview. You may be wearing the perfect business suit, have all the paperwork in place and pass all required tests, but if the interviewer, who will compile all of your information, does not like you because you were vague and uninformative when answering verbal questions, you can most likely kiss that job goodbye.

The same rule applies when you have an online store. If you want to be successful, make a good impression by inserting well-written and accurate product descriptions. These are important, because they have to make up for the missing store clerk, or customer service representative, customers would question if they were in a traditional store.

As basic as this may sound, studies have shown that today's social skills are slowly eroding. With e-mail, chatting, texting and twittering, actual human contact is reduced to a bare minimum. As crazy as it may sound, that is a positive note for e-businesses, who thrive because customers can remain anonymous. They just do not want to interact with pushy clerks and nosy cashiers.

To provide the thousands of visitors with important information, many online merchants will add frequently asked question (FAQ) sections to their site. This cuts down even more on personal and individual contact, and at the same time, will answer a lot of returning questions.

As you can see, doing business online means playing by a completely different set of rules than selling items in a traditional store, and the fact that personal contact is eliminated, is partially to blame for that. That raises the question: What are these directives that can either make or break your e-commerce success?

1. Know Your Audience

For a few seconds pretend you are dealing with live customers. What would you say to them and what kind of questions could they possibly ask you? What age group would they be in and where would they be living.  These are all legitimate questions that make a lot of sense. If you wonder, just ask yourself how many retirees living in Florida would be shopping for a pre-cured fiberglass snowboard?

2. Attracting Customer's Attention

Marketing is all about attracting attention and effective product descriptions are a part of this. They not only have to be well-written, but also have to capture the reader's attention as soon as their eyes meet your page. Do not be afraid to use strong words, or to ask questions. Believe it, if your customer is interested, or confronted with a pertinent query, he or she will continue reading.

When composing your text or descriptions – be it about yourself, your products, services, or anything else – keep it short and precise. Unnecessary content will bore your audience and they will move on.

It is important to still weave in keywords. There is an art to keeping good levels of keyword saturation for SEO and making the text still sound good.

3. Create desire

Hooray! You got your customers' attention! Now you will have to persuade them that your products are right for them. They have to connect to the items, understand how imperative they are to them, and they have to feel deep inside that they cannot live without those books, pants, shoes, skates, or music CDs. In other words, they need to feel the irresistible desire to shop at your online shop.

4. Hook, line and sinker

Knowing your customers, attracting their attention, and creating desire are the key elements to building sales. Communicate and write impressive and fascinating product descriptions. Add captivating images, compelling sounds and relevant videos, but without going overboard. You do not want to bury your products under unnecessary clutter.

Shopping is a complex process that depends a great deal on your store's environment and a chain of specific reactions: desire, deciding, and finally, taking action. With the right tools and insightful know-how, you can create the perfect settings in your store to get the purchasing chain reaction going. Before you know it, you too will be reaping in success and surpassing all your biggest competitors!
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