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iPods are a high definition media player that come in portable size. iPods can be used as a storage device and you can store all your favorite music in this device. They come in three categories like the Touch, Shuffle and Classic. You can also have access to transfer the data to your PC through specific software. Some device comes with games too. Apple is the master in manufacturing iPods and the most favorite one is the Apple iPod shuffle second generation, Apple iPod mini Amband and various other models. You will find more than hundred types of iPods from Apple and you can choose the one according to the GB or other features.

The Apple Nano is a new device that gives you complete entertainment and is a multi touch device. This device is lighter, smaller, bright colored and sleek. Just clip it on, or wear it on your shirt and you can go anywhere with the music full on. The Nano needs just a tap on the screen and it begins to play. It comes with various features like the Genius that can create and mix to give you a perfect mix. Then there is the FM radio that is built-in along with live pause feature. Simply swipe the home screen and you can browse your music by artists, songs or albums. There is a facility to rearrange the icons on the screen so as to keep the music in an organized manner. The Apple Nano comes with built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery to give you 24 hours of music. The shake feature allows you to change the song with just a shake and you can hear a new song every time you shake.

Apple iPod shuffle is the most popular of all the Apple iPods Price as it comes with attractive colors, voice over feature, clip-on device that comes with single piece of aluminum body that is polished to give it a beautiful shine. The Shuffle is a durable, solid and sleek device that comes in blue, orange, green, silver and pink color. The iPod Shuffle gives you a storage capacity of 2GB and you can store around hundreds of songs. In addition you can have multiple playlists, podcasts, Genius mixes and audio -books as well. You can wear it on your jacket, shirt, purse, backpack and stays there while you workout, run or play or simply stroll around the neighborhood.

iPods are the new generations way of listening to music while on the go.
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