One24 Review: Waste of Time To Join?

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Since you're here reading my One24 review, odds are you're thinking you might want to join! Or maybe you already have and just want some more info about what you got yourself into! In this One24 review, I'll give my 3rd party, unbiased view about whether I think you can make money with them.
I'll talk about their product, compensation plan, and their overall business.
Plus, at the end of this One24 review, I'll show you how to position yourself for almost guaranteed success within their company! One24 was founded just back in 2010, and is creating quite a stir! Their founder is Mark Seyforth, who is one of the industry's most successful marketers in history.
He is reported to have recruited over 100,000 people.
Obviously, he has the experience and know-how to create a successful company, along with the fact that he even designed the compensation plan for Herbalife! One24 Review: A Single Product There isn't a whole lot to say about their products, because they only have one.
It's called Nutraburst.
It's described as a health food that is high in antioxidants, fiber, pre-biotics, and digestive enzymes.
They claim that it reduces appetite, promotes fat loss, increases energy, and promotes healthy skin.
Of course this sounds familiar to many MLM's already out there, but if you can get excited about the product, then it will definitely work for you.
Add the fact that it's just one product, and it's easier to promote than a whole line.
One24 Review: Unique Comp Plan This might be the most unique plan I've ever come across! I'll try to give you an idea of how it works as succinctly as possible.
When you join, you get virtual green tickets that let you bring in one person per month into the company.
You make a commission on that, as well as when they use their green tickets to recruit as well.
If you don't use your green ticket, other reps have the opportunity to use it to recruit and you split the commission.
The plan is also based on a linear model, where everyone is placed in one single line.
For your first 4 months in the company, you receive a small commission from everyone who joins.
They also have bonus pools for the reps who qualify.
Overall, I would say that this company is a pretty good opportunity to be a part of.
The only thing that would make me hesitate is how short a time they've been around.
However, with such experience at the helm and how much buzz they've created, I think they might stick around.
However, simply having a solid comp plan, product, and management isn't quite enough to guarantee success in an MLM company.
You must join a team that will be around to help you.
They should already be successful at recruiting, and be available to answer your questions and concerns.
Furthermore, you must have a plan to be able to recruit regularly.
Even though you can recruit the one per month using your ticket, you have the opportunity at the end of each month to use others' tickets to bring more people in.
The marketers who are able to bring in large amounts of new recruits are the ones making the lion's share of the commission.
To see how you can generate 50+ leads per day, and recruit at will for your One24 business, visit the resource box below! Hope you enjoyed this One24 Review!
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