Excess Stomach Removed Through Mouth In New Bariatric Surgery

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A new type of weight loss surgery was preformed at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.
This new type of bariatric surgery removes a section of the patients stomach though their mouth.
The bariatric procedure called sleeve gastrectomy, which is also known as gastric sleeve, sections off a part of the stomach and permanently removes up to 80 percent of the stomach.
With bariatric surgeries, the stomach size is reduced which makes the patient eat less and feel fuller faster.
A common approach doctors have been preforming the gastric sleeve procedure had the doctor make an incision in the stomach to remove the sectioned off stomach tissue.
But with this new technique for bariatric surgery, the surgeon can remove the patients stomach tissue through their mouth.
The patient, who had the surgery in August 2010, is reportedly recovering well.
In the one-hour procedure, the surgeon employed a combination of techniques, including laparoscopic and natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery.
Using the laparoscopic technique, the surgeon made five minimal incisions in the abdomen, through which cameras and other instruments were inserted, allowing the surgeon to divide the stomach into sections, and then close it with staples.
Following the laparoscopic portion of the procedure, an endoscope was inserted into the stomach through the mouth, and the divided segment of the stomach was removed.
The benefits to using the surgical method that allows surgeons to go through the mouth to remove the stomach sections, instead of through wide incisions are numerous.
The approach causes less trauma to the abdomen region, lowers risks of developing a hernia and causes less post operative pain for the patient.
At the Center for the Treatment of Obesity at the University of California San Diego, where the surgery was preformed, surgical options for minimally invasive bariatric surgery are evolving.
In the future, the purpose of this type of bariatric surgery is to assist morbidly obese patients to achieve long term weight loss goals, leave few scars and involve as few surgical devices as possible.
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