Looking for the Next Job - Hopefully your Dream Job

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In any discussion about Careers, Job Search or Employment, one always hears this term mentioned - "My current job is not my Dream Job".
What is a DREAM JOB? Let us attempt to understand some parameters linked to a Dream Job.
Some statements will throw a lot of light on understanding the components that make up a Dream Job.
I love my Job - How many times do you hear this? Maybe a lot, maybe not.
This is the first parameter or indicator that whatever your role, your company, people you work with, industry you work in - you just love it and hence excel in it.
I am passionate about what I do - There is a cause involved.
No matter what it is, how important it is to the world outside of you, it means a lot to you.
Obviously you put in a lot of effort and heart and soul into it.
Obviously you are very good at it.
I would not trade my job for anything - Whoever said that MONEY is the most important Motivator - Nonsense.
It has been proven time and time again that Job Satisfaction and Recognition are way up on the scale as compared to Money.
I have a fantastic BOSS - Have you ever wondered, why some people in the same organization are extremely happy whereas others are miserable.
Inquire about their relationship with their Bosses/supervisors.
Employees that have a positive relationship with their bosses are always motivated to perform better and better.
Alternatively, employees that are constantly threatened by their superiors are mostly under producing or are non productive.
I will continue doing what I am doing even if I win a LOTTERY - says a lot about the individual, the job, the company and most certainly the Boss.
This is an empowered employee that loves the job and is truly passionate about it.
A windfall gain is not going to change anything.
I look forward to a Monday - WOW! Do people actually say this? Maybe they do not have a life? Maybe they have problems at Home? Actually the answer is NO to the last 2 questions.
Yes, I say it all the time on a Friday or on the weekend.
Believe me, I have an amazing family and am blessed with their love.
So now we have some insights into the makings of a DREAM JOB.
Ask yourself these questions and you will know, when you answer YES.
Do I really love my job Am I passionate about my job? Would I leave for more money? How is my Boss? Would I continue working even if I won a LOTTERY? Do I look forward to a MONDAY? If the answer to the above mentioned questions is NO, then look for your DREAM JOB.
Believe me it is OUT THERE! Vikki Mungre Immigrant Coach
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