How Sales People Can Attract the Attention of a Highly Valued Prospect

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Have you ever heard a sales person complain about prospecting?"Prospecting is the worst.
I hate it.
Nobody answers their phone.
The spam filters are probably catching all my e-mails.
" It's probably true.
The prospect you are trying to convince to use your product or service does delete their voicemail messages and their e-mail messages.
How would you like to call an extra 10-20 people back everyday? Or write an extra 10-20 e-mails.
Come on.
Let's get real.
Why don't you try responding to 10-20 strangers everyday.
That's right.
I said strangers.
If your prospecting to people who don't know you then you are a stranger.
How could they possibly know you have the greatest widget ever?You are thinking, "If they only knew about my widget, they would definitely buy it.
And if they knew how great of a person and sales professional I am, we would be best business friends for life.
" So why don't you tell them.
It's difficult to leave all that information in a voice mail or e-mail message anyway.
Why not try something creative? Write your own NEWSLETTER.
Most of the excuses people give for not writing a newsletter, is they don't have the time...
or not enough things to write about...
or it costs too much.
If you think about it, it may be the most effective sales tools any sales person could have in their bag of strategic tools.
Maybe if you wrote a newsletter and sent it to them a couple of months in a row, they would recognize your name and your products.
So that when you called them, they would be more likely to pick up the phone or call you back if you leave a message.
When you are no longer a stranger, you will get the appointment.
By mailing a personal newsletter, the prospect will get to know you and start to understand the value of your products or services.
Then Mr.
prospect will have a good reason for making an appointment with you.
The first meeting will be of value.
It will be a meeting of friends.
And may lead to a great relationship, and profits for both companies for many years to come.
Try writing a NEWSLETTER.
It will revolutionize your business!
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