How Can A Parent Help Overweight Kids If They Can"t See The Problem

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Recent research appears to show that adults are not very good at deciding if their kids are obese or not.
In fact, 51% of parents incorrectly labeled overweight and obese children as being normal.
This is really sad because if parents are unable to see their child's problems then obesity will only continue to rise.
One way to determine if you're child is normal weight or not is to look at their clothes sizes.
If they are wearing sizes for older children then they may be overweight.
Also make sure that kids are getting their recommended annual doctor exams.
A good doctor will tell you if you're child is healthy or overweight.
With more and more kids plopping down in front of video games each day instead of getting out to play and be active it's too easy to see the weight pile up.
If you notice your child getting out of breath easily then that is a sign he or she needs to be more active.
Also, let's not forget that kids mimic parents.
So if you're overweight or obese then you're child is more likely to be as well.
By practicing healthy habits like exercise and eating a clean balanced diet you're likely to successfully pass these good habits on to your children.
Especially if you make exercise and being active fun.
Go for family bike rides after dinner, or plan a family day at the skating rink.
Bring back the fitness that has left so many homes.
Keep in mind that the average life span has actually fallen, it's the lifestyle choices we make that influence how long and healthy we live to be.
And it all comes down to the next generation.
Help our kids be as healthy as they can be by educating them.
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