Learn How to Talk in the Universe and Have Universal Influence!

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In the totality of physical entities, you can have influence present or significant through the system that drives the progress of humanity.
Make yourself a master of how to talk the right way and have power exerted over the minds or behavior of others.
You can be on top of things.
Please, read on! Do not make illegal, improper or harmful use of anything especially things you cherish.
Increase the potency, efficacy or quality of your integrity and do not hurt anyone directly or indirectly.
Deal with presumptuous pride and haughty airs, do not stir up emotional exhilaration induced by intense displeasure; guard your tongue and do not be aroused to a strong feeling of grievance and displeasure.
Do not talk too much, do not be excessive or unreasonable; it is maturity to talk moderately.
Be as slow as a swamp turtle when it comes to getting in a state of anger or annoyance and be a hot-air artist at being a blessing to the system that drives the progress of humanity.
Answer people softly, let your tongue be health to all and wealth to you.
Do not enter into antagonism and power struggle with your oral cavity; speaks words that bless and minister divine influence to the intelligence and sensitivity of the hearer.
Live the life of ease; have a satisfactory state of well-being that is a lifestyle with more than adequate material provisions and have investments that worth a great deal of money.
It is in your best interest to be sound as a dollar, have self-confidence and own a lot of money or expensive property.
Rate yourself highly! Be characterized by truthfulness, fair-mindedness, and independence from improper influence as you do the right thing.
Do away with anything of no great shakes; feel better about yourself and get someone better.
Be certain of having the ability, judgment and resources needed to accomplish anything great in this life.
Have self-assurance or a belief in your ability to gain fame, wealth or power.
Be free from psychological and physical shakeup.
Tend to take a hopeful and positive view of future outcomes; use everything to its best advantage and be on top of things.
Have a courteous behavior that shows just regard for others and an attitude that is free from lack of consideration for others and self-seeking superiority.
Go in quest of wisdom and free yourself from any feeling of anxiety or frightening thought.
Be blessed and make amends, be considerate to another in love.
Out of a good conversation, show your achievements with modesty and reality of wisdom.
Get rid of being too big for your britches, meddlesome lifestyle, and haughtiness.
Do not display an exaggerated sense of self-importance, thinking you are better than others.
Live lifestyle lacking all signs of self-righteousness, aggressiveness so that others will respect you and be inspired by you to turn the corner and put their best foot forward as they move toward the upward and forward life.
Copyright © Anyaele Sam Chiyson
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