Grants & Scholarships for Children of Disabled Veterans

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    • A college education is expensive, at best. However, various scholarships and grants make it more affordable for students who are the children of disabled and deceased veterans. For high school students who find themselves in these circumstances, it is never too early to begin researching the options and benefits available to them. Their persistence and patience can pay off in big ways.

    Start Locally

    • One of your best sources of information regarding scholarships and grants is your high school guidance counselor. He will be familiar with funds that might be available through local veterans groups or community organizations. Your guidance counselor also can advise you about the paperwork necessary to apply for local, state and national scholarships.

    Document Everything

    • One of the first steps you need to complete is filing a FAFSA (free application for federal student aid). This form requires financial information drawn from the student's and parents' tax returns. Based on that information, the Department of Education will determine EFC (expected family contribution). Although these forms are not required for all scholarships and grants, most financial-aid offices at colleges and universities will use that information to help you plan your financing package.

    Do Your Research

    • Many high school juniors, and even sophomores, begin the process of investigating colleges and universities who have generous financial-aid programs. If you are on their radar as a potential candidate for scholarships and grants, they can do some of your research for you. Stay in touch with the financial-aid officers at the schools of your choice, and let them work for you. In the meantime, there are reliable websites that offer information about other sources of scholarships and grants for which you might qualify.

    Don't Give Up

    • There are estimates that millions of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed each year. Although you will not qualify for all of those scholarships, there are many for which you do. Many states, such as Florida and California, have programs specifically designed for the children of disabled and deceased veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Survivors and Dependents Education Assistance Program are specifically designed to help students like you.

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