The Jusuru Review - What They Don"t Want You to Know!

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Jusuru has been creating a buzz in the industry for the last few months and people are jumping on the bandwagon in droves.
Is this company the next big thing in network marketing, or just another over hyped MLM? The company is based in Anaheim, CA and they topped the MLM Rankings index of companies by growth in public awareness and interest in March of 2010.
They launched with a simple concept - deliver an effective and unique product backed by patented and scientific research.
The company believes their new juice is so effective it will sell itself.
Give your friends a few glasses of the stuff and you will have customers for life and they will want to promote this to everyone they know...
Can it really be that easy? They developed a juice with patented BioCell Collagen II that provides ingredients to support joint and skin health.
That all sounds well and good, but companies like Jusuru don't have to be evaluated by the FDA, so they can make any claims they want with little consequence.
Even if their juice is the BEST nutraceutical beverage in the world, the industry is ultra competitive and you have HUGE MLM companies like Monavie to contend with on a daily basis...
the best business builders don't care about what your company is or what the product is...
they care what the business can do for them.
So to generate a good customer base and build your business, you need to approach it from another perspective.
People join people in network marketing, not just companies.
They join and get started with sponsors they will believe will be able to help them build their businesses and take them from where they are in life to where they want to be.
You need a good reason for people to join YOU, not the company.
The key is to approach the business as an entrepreneur, not just a rep of Jusuru.
Your business is YOU and the value you can pass onto others.
Understand that your business is not just selling and marketing their service, but offering people an opportunity for success with YOU as their mentor.
Develop your marketing and leadership skills and provide people with the right message, and they will be attracted to you no matter what business you choose to represent.
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