Go to College in Your PJs - Save Time, Save Money, Graduate Fast

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It has been many years since colleges and universities observed a dress code than was very restrictive of personal expression.
It is possible to write your very own dress code today and dress for college at your discretion.
Today students have written their own dress code out of comfort not doing so out of rebellion.
This freedom of expression is because your computer monitor does not care what you wear to class and our culture is much less formal.
Online classes have changed not only how students dress for class, but where they actually enroll.
Distance is no longer a problem for the student.
With each passing semester, the ever increasing number of students seeking their degrees online has colleges and universities scrambling to compete for students and their tuition dollars.
Not only is distance no longer an issue, neither is when you log into class or do your assignments, since you have 24/7 access to your courses on your computer.
This means you can review lectures and course notes when you want to schedule them allowing you to work at a time of your choosing and at your own pace.
Not long ago, when someone who had a full time job decided to go back and finish 60-70 college credits to complete their Bachelors Degree, it could easily take 4-6 years of night school.
With the freedom and flexibility of online education, highly motivated people have finished in 7 months.
That burning desire to earn the degree and start reaping the benefits of that degree are the key to the accelerated completion rate.
Taking the courses when you want to take them, helps to motivate you because you are doing what you want to do when you want to do it.
With a burning desire to finish fast and the ability to group exams that are related, students can study more efficiently.
The benefit of course, you will be able to graduate much faster than the traditional campus bound college student.
Remember, it is your degree, investigate your options and find the perfect match.
So choose a plan of action, decide on a degree that is important to you, a degree that will help you achieve your goals.
Finally, enroll in a school where you can graduate and get started now.
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