Your Earnings Are Limited

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"When one door closes another door opens; but we do often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.
" Alexander Graham Bell, inventor When do you think your ship will come in? Most people dream of a better life.
Some go out and make it happen! Which are you? "If I work hard, if I put the time in, if I just keep playing the game as I was taught then, at some point, it will all pay off.
I'll have everything I want.
" This sounded like a great plan, didn't it? Millions of people played by the rules: Work hard for someone else (let someone else take care of me) Put in the time (30 years or so) Put back a little for the future (until greedy corporate America squandered the nations retirement savings) Settle into retirement for a peaceful rest of my life That ship many people were looking for seems to have sprung a leak! Many of my friends who just retired are now looking for part time jobs.
Others who were getting ready to retire are now sweating out "a few more years" to make up what was lost.
Still others who have children going off to college are telling their kids that they can't really go to the college they wanted and that when they do go they will have to work a little harder at a part time job or just do with less (not really a bad thing, but the parents feel bad about it) All this because we listened to the rhetoric about how "it should be done".
In fact, many people over the last few years DID seem like they had figured to out.
The plan seemed like it was working.
The ship was in the harbor and then somebody couldn't make the payments on the dock! So there it sits, just out of reach.
We can't swim to it.
So we just look at it while we keep plodding along.
For a few more years until we can make this new game work.
"True success in life isn't rare because people are weak or lazy or lack willpower or fear success.
True success in life is rare because too often people use flawed strategies for success.
Three-fourths of American millionaires believe that learning to "think differently from the crowd" has been a key factor in their economic success.
" Thomas Stanley, author of "The Millionaire Mind" What we need to do is look far another game.
Instead of waiting for that ship to find a dock that hasn't been foreclosed on.
We need to build our own ship and then chart our own course.
Here are a few suggestions: 1) Envision your desired life.
Clearly see in your mind exactly, in crisp and clear detail your perfect life.
2) Find a mentor.
Find someone who is getting the results or has the life that you desire.
Model what they have done to get the same results.
3) Develop a roadmap to get there.
Create your long-term strategy for creating your desired reality.
What things do you have to do differently to make it happen? What things do you have to do more consistently? What new skills and mindsets do you need? 4) Take massive AND consistent action.
Do what are the highest leverage actions you can take to move you rapidly towards your new life? Make them a priority and do them EVERY day.
5) Do it on your terms.
This should probably be number one.
You can't rely on anyone else, any company or government.
Decide what you want, how you will get it and don't let anything stand in your way.
Not even yourself! You can do it!
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