How Easy is the iPod Nano to Use?

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If you have been reading up on the iPod Nano then do not be daunted, these articles tend to be a little over the top technically and can be very off putting.
You would have thought that Apple would have struggled to build in all those features into such a compact space but no; they managed it and managed it well.
Even though it looks so different, it is still from the iPod stable, which has provided us with a long line of iPods over the years and although it has been revamped and is packaged like it is a different player altogether, it still has the same feel that you get with your past iPods.
The only difference is that it is oh so much cooler! Are you a total "dumbo" in the gadgets' department, specifically with music players? Well, do not worry because no matter how new you are, even if you are a complete stranger, to all of this download/iPod/Mp3 thing the iPod Nano's layout is so easy to understand and logically laid out that the minute you start using it, you will feel perfectly at home.
The Nano is without doubt the easiest to use.
Its user friendly design makes operating it completely intuitive and its small and compact size and its sensual tactile feel make it one sexy beast to own.
With the screen, you don't even need the backlight due to the amazing illumination of the very vivid and colorful 16-bit, 172 by 132 pixel color display.
You want more? You can even browse through your photos while listening to your music, now that is new! Thin is definitely good with the iPod Nano, it looks better and it fits the user better in terms of the hand and clothing.
It really is one of the most well crafted and well-designed gadgets we have reviewed.
Let us look at its software interface.
The iPod Nano, as said in the earlier paragraphs generally has the same feel and look, as other iPod gadgets.
It has a menu that may be customized and the standard Music, Photos, Shuffle, Settings and Now Playing fields.
A stopwatch and a screen lock have been brilliantly added to the package.
It is the epitome of ease especially with its practical interface items like podcasts and audio books, a wonderful color screen and an inviting Click Wheel.
Since the iPod Nano does not contain any moving internal parts it has become the must have accessory to be seen with when in the gym or undertaking your fitness regimes.
It may not look as sturdy as the iPod Shuffle but due to its build quality and rigid steel plate on the flipside, it is in a league of its own in the category of stability, robustness and durability.
When it comes to adding music and photos, it could not be simpler because once you connect your iPod Nano to iTunes on your PC, it will instantaneously be identified and displayed in the source list.
iTunes may update songs and playlists in an instant when in autopilot mode or you can update it yourself for contacts, podcasts and calendars.
Photos are formatted using iPhoto software to ensure compatibility and thereafter they are uploaded to the iPod using iTunes.
In conclusion, this device could not be simpler to operate; it is lightweight and is suitable for all ages - boys and girls to grannies and grand papas
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