Gymnastic Moves - How to Perform a Perfect Rolling With the Hoop the Correct Way

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More exciting movements involve leaping over the hoop, diving or rolling through it and kicking it up into the air.
A further option is for gymnast to put back spin on to the hoop so that it returns like a boomerang, so allowing more static movements to be performed during the roll away and return.
Rolling along the floor demands care in setting the hoop off into the roll so that it remains vertical and in a straight line.
When it is in motion, the gymnast performs a variety of body movements, having to travel at some stage to catch up with it and collect it.
In order to achieve this, the arm must be swung vigorously forwards to achieve the roll away, but the wrist pulls up and back equally vigorously in order to put the back spin on to the hoop.
This is fun to do, and creates great amusement when the action is not quite true, and the hoop rolls off towards someone else instead of coming back to the sender.
Of greater difficulty, because of the size of the hoop, is the roll on the body.
The technique is basically the same as that used for rolling the ball which is identical for the actual roll itself, but the difference lies in initiating the movement.
The hoop must be gripped more tightly to ensure that it is placed in a vertical position on the body.
The fingers open and the hand pushes away as with the ball, though pressing down on the hoop with the thumb helps to set the hoop in motion.
Having mastered the chest roll and the shoulder roll with the ball, it is suggested that you try these straightaway with the hoop, then perhaps add the roll from one hand to the other across the back of the shoulders.
For this last throw, the arm stretches upwards with a good follow through so that the hoop rises vertically above the head.
By placing the hand back inside the hoop on its descent, it is possible to return immediately to the rotation.
Once the correct technique and control over the direction of the throw has been mastered with the arm forward, then the same skill can be tried with the hoop in the wheel place.
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