Isabel Del Rios and the Diet Solution Program

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Isabel De Los Rios is the owner of New Body Center for Fitness and Nutrition in New Jersey and the author of the nationally acclaimed book, "The Diet Solution Program.
" Her program debunks common myths regarding weight loss that keeps people from actually losing weight.
Here are a few myths covered: -Eating fewer calories is the best way to lose weight -Weight loss is not possible without a low-fat diet -Low carb dieting is a healthy long-term solution to obesity -A high protein diet is a sure-fire way to build muscles -Weight-loss supplements and fat burners speed up weight loss As Isabel De Los Rios explains, each one of these myths has a grain of truth.
However, when these myths are taken as fact and built to be the centerpiece of your diet plan, you are setting yourself up for failure.
To counteract these unsafe weight loss claims, she plainly describes the reason these common dieting methods are flawed, and how they prevent weight loss.
Then, she explains the healthiest and most effective way to lose weight in a clear and organized manner.
First, readers are divided into three main groups reflecting their personal metabolisms.
These categories are called protein, carb and mixed type.
In order to establish which metabolic group a reader belongs to, he or she must answer a list of detailed questions.
After the readers metabolic group is determined, they are provided with guidance and directions depending on their particular nutritional needs.
Each of the three groups are provided with a range of food plans to utilize during the beginning stages of the program.
These meals tend to consist of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole wheat grains.
Positive Aspects of the Diet Solution Program -The program gives dieters sound methods for losing weight without the use of dietary supplements or magical potions -Recipes and food guide come with the e-book -Money back guarantee lets dieters try the program before buying Negative Aspects of the Diet Solution Program -Program does not contain enough selection and recipes for vegetarians -Using a survey in order to be placed in a metabolic dietary group, might not be a precise method of measurement (there is a lot of room for personal bias) In all, this diet provides a real world look at weight loss along with appetizing food plans and recipes that are simple to use.
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