Winning the First Battle

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How do you describe confidence? Dictionary.
com describes confidence as having full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing.
With that being said, a person with confidence has already won the first battle.
The first battle in any situation is BELIEVING it could be done.
Many times we has humans fail at many tasks because we go into the task with the negative mindset that the task is to difficult to succeed in.
Believe it or not, when this happens, the person has basically given up.
Think about it, if your looking for a pinch hitter to substitute for a player in baseball, would you put in the player that was commenting all week on how much of a good pitcher the opposing team's pitcher is? The answer is no.
Why? Well, its simple...
the player has already lost the first battle.
To many times people give up on themselves and do not believe in their own ability.
They develop fear and are not comfortable with themselves.
The problem is that once a person starts to lose belief in themselves, they continue to lose belief in themselves and this because a horror habit.
If you ask me, many people have lost belief in themselves.
From media images that make people feel dis-comfortable with their body image, to media content that emphasis on this notion that we need products to make ourselves look beautiful, our community is suffering from this idea that we are not good enough.
However, what if I told you, you ARE good enough? What if I told you, you CAN make a difference? What if I told you, you WILL get that job position? Surprisingly, when people start to hear phrases like this they begin to believe in themselves.
They begin to start telling themselves that it is possible.
They begin believing that they have what it takes to be successful.
Its a beautiful thing to feel this way because it allows you to feel worthy to the world.
It deliverers you to a sense of happiness.
Many times its difficult to overcome the negative mindset that we can NOT do something.
Personally, it took me years to tell myself I CAN do it; whatever 'it' may be.
In order to believe in myself I needed to believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ.
After believing in God my worldview changed; I saw myself capable of doing anything because there was nothing impossible with the Lord guiding me.
To many times in our life, we give up on ourselves because of the unexpected curve balls that life throws us.
But, the Lord taught we not to worry and have FAITH in him.
BELIEVE that everything will be alright.
With this new mindset, I enjoy when life throws me curve balls because it is only preparing me to become a better individual.
I once read somewhere that, "Life is like riding a bicycle.
In order to keep balance, you must keep going.
" That means that no matter how bad the situation looks, you must keep fighting forward with the belief that everything will be alright.
In order for this to happen, we bust BELIEVE in ourselves.
We must BELIEVE we can do it.
We must mentally prepare ourselves for battle.
Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you can do it.
In the famous words of Bob Marley, "Don't worry, about a thing.
Because every little thing, is gon' be alright.
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