7 Daily Habits of the Stunningly Successful

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We All Have Them People are creatures of habits, and habits once formed are extremely hard to break.
Some 30 years ago.
I picked up a book that changed my thinking about success forever.
The book entitled, How To Make a Habit of Succeeding, by Mack R.
Douglas, premised that just as bad habits are formulated, so too are habits of success.
To this day, I refer back to this book, over and over, time and again.
Habits Are Formed in the Mind For two years I was an executive at Xerox Corporation, and I had a 30-minute commute to work each morning.
There was a program that came on the radio each morning during my commute that I could not wait to listen to each day.
The host was Dr.
Jack Addington, and he introduced to his listening audience the concept of "psycho-genesis; where he premised that everything good or bad begins in the mind (psycho = mind, genesis = beginning, hence psycho-genesis).
I remember how exciting it was for me to hear this powerful concept for the first time.
I was shocked to hear that I could actually control the outcome of my own success, and that I was in control of my own destiny.
I could not wait to get in the car each and every morning to hear his broadcast (back in 1980 we couldn't instantly download audio coaching programs).
Armed with this new knowledge, and for the next thirty plus years, I went to work researching and studying the lives and habits of literally hundreds of successful men and women from all walks of life.
I searched diligently to find out what their daily habit consisted of.
Here are seven daily habits which I uncovered: 1.
Highly successful people constantly infuse their minds with positive messages throughout their entire day.
They soak their minds with positive reading, positive audio coaching series, and they post epigrams along their daily paths at their house and at work.
They have a keen understanding of how the subconscious mind works, and they put it to work each and every day.
They train their minds by using daily affirmations, and they do it consistently.
They take the time to meditate and escape, and make full use of their imagination to explore the possibilities of success.
The closely watch who they align themselves with, making sure to stay clear from negative influences, even for short periods of time (such as lunches)..
They end their day exactly the way they start it, with positive infusions just before dosing off to sleep, with a keen understanding that their subconscious mind is at work at all times.
They get up each day with an understanding that success is a matter of habits, so they go through these daily rituals until they become second nature.
Conclusion People are creatures of habit, and habits, once formed, are extremely hard to break.
Just as bad habits are learned and formulated, so too can habit of success be learned and formulated.
The key to success is repetition.
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All rights reserved.
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